If you have a thought that you wish the world knew about ...
A-Team PR is a one-stop solution.   We are a new and pleasant combination  of old wisdom with new ideas.  You will find us ready and willing to roll up our sleeves and work hands-on in your marketplace.  We look forward to bringing passionate focus into our clients' public relations and podcasting needs.

“What if” you produced your own podcast? “And what if you had a partner” … someone that listened to you enough to understand what’s in your head or maybe even your heart.  Your partner would bring the look and the feel of your podcast to exactly what you would have it be. A partner that could edit exactly what you want in our state-of-the-art digital studio, providing your own unique non-published music with professionally voiced intros and outros.  

And we would even teach you how to use portable microphones to help us make you the center of your podcast content. And you could do this from anywhere in the world. After your final edit of each episode, we would upload your presentation to every podcast platform in the world through a universal hub that is the world’s most successful of its kind. And it can all be simpler than you think. And promoting your podcast is something we would be glad to teach you. Whether it’s corporate or private … that’s what partners are for. It’s simpler and costs less than you think. We think we have a great plan that can assist you in your podcast goals. Maybe we should talk. Email us at md@a-teampr.com and let’s arrange to speak one on one by phone.