“Free Range Talent Boost” is an A-Team PR product.  Artists are featured with an interview, and one or more of their original songs are rolled on our Free Range Texan Podcast. Our Podcast is more heavily listened to in the United States but also draws response from countries around the world.  The Free Range Texan Podcast is part of a larger network which has evolved to include:
  • The Free Range Texan YouTube Channel,
  • The ever-growing Free Range Texan Facebook page,
  • The Free Range Texan Blog, which is now receiving large amounts of response from the United States and growing numbers of countries around the world, and
  • Remarkably well targeted social media and e-mail distributions.   This distribution simply stated includes most if not all of the who’s who in Texas’ recording artist promoters, broadcast decision makers, and venue owners and management.  Additionally, a number of other key decision makers from the above mentioned genres in the United States are being added weekly to our lists.  

Here’s How it Works ...

We plug you into Michael Shawn, the host/producer of the Free Range Texan Podcast.  Michael Shawn, or one of the  A-Team PR staff, will set up a time for an interview (live or by telephone) to be recorded, edited, and rolled on our Podcast.  Prior to the interview, we will need to receive your digital recording of some of your original songs that can be rolled in conjunction with your initial Podcast interview or in future follow-up interviews.   Additionally, we will need to receive pictures, headshots, etc., or be given a website where we can download the same, for creation of your promotional artwork to be featured on our bi-weekly e-mail distribution as well as on our Blog and social media targeted boosts. (Blog posts will include an article about you written by Michael Shawn.) 
E-mail / Social Media Distribution
Approximately every two weeks our e-mail distribution goes out.  This promotes, among other things, your picture, interview, music, on-line merchandising, blog post articles, and podcast episode featuring your interview and music. 
(There is not a charge for our Free Range Talent File segment / interview. Simply being accepted for an interview on our podcast does not come with a price tag. However, in our Free Range Talent Boost package there are a number of well targeted services that require a fee paid to A-Team PR for art charges, strategic media planning and implementation.)

Your position in our Free Range Texan Podcast programming line-up is secured and the process begins when A-Team PR receives your payment and accompanying information. A check or money order will work at A-Team PR. Additionally, we accept debit / credit card through PayPal, using the Buy Now button below (no PayPal account required).

Want to Participate in the "Free Range Talent Boost"?
This distribution reaches hundreds of well-targeted individuals not limited to but including Texas based broadcast reporting stations, internet stations and agents, not to mention promoters, venue owners and operators (including popular night spots), and/or casinos in states beyond the Texas border. Also included are a host of Texas broadcast station owners and operators, plus hundreds of individuals who can and do respond to call to action presentations such as recorded music purchases.
Our system is already set up and running, causing and effecting downloads on a daily basis. Our process plays a vital roll in getting you out there for more eyes to see, more ears to hear, consistently pointing back to your web site and contact information, resulting in more downloads and more merchandising. Putting your image, interviews, and/or music on electronic libraries and timelines that stay there indefinitely, and backing it all up with well-targeted, strategically planned social media and e-mail distributions. 
All of our processes happen seamlessly once we begin, and have been proven effective time and time again.  We are suggesting that you make us a part of your overall promotion plan.  
A-Team PR’s Free Range Talent Boost gives a push to your merchandising.  On the Podcast, we love to mention where your products are available.  On the YouTube Channel we repeat the same process.  On the blog in your article, we will continually inform them of how to purchase your merchandise and/or send them to our Free Range Texan House of Treasurers (store) where they can easily see and purchase your products through Amazon.com. 
A position in our Free Range Talent Boost can be secured by contacting our Talent Boost Rep "Kidd Manning" so that he may answer any further question that you may have.  Your interview with Michael Shawn will start with a quick talk about podcast stuff (music, YouTube, blog, interview, head shots, etc.), all leading to you being a guest on a not to distant future Free Range Texan Podcast. Your dynamic artwork for your blog posts, social media boosts, and strategically marketed e-mails will all done in-house at A-Team PR at no additional cost.  Participation lasts for approximately 60 days, but can be extended further depending on some lucky breaks in programming promotion.  Our electronic distribution blasts amd social media boosts will occur throughout the 60 days period.  Each promotion piece is designed to point back to your interview and music located in our Podcast library and YouTube Channel, including our additional merchandising of your product through our exclusive Free Range Texan store.  Your interview should last on our podcast worldwide for an indeterminate amount of years.  Remember, a visit with Kidd Manning costs you nothing, and Kidd can explain further details an answer your questions about getting you hooked up with the Free Range Talent Boost.  So, send your contact information (name, e-mail address and phone number) to info@FreeRangeTexan.net and you should receive a call from Kidd within a day or two.  We look forward to hearing about your interests in a feature position on our Free Range Talent Boost.  

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