Commercial Art Design:

We have been fortunate enough to have found more than one exceptionally talented artist/designer, allowing us a broad spectrum of camera-ready art abilities. We learned early on that the most expensive state-of-the-art hardware and software were only tools.  The real magic was created when we mixed high-tech electronics with the talent and skill of a refined graphic artist - examples below.
Key Word  "Service"

Market Research:

The strategical bedrock of a well placed media campaign is the research that enables us to pinpoint the media habits of our target market.  Good "market research" involves asking a lot of questions, knowing the right questions to ask, having reliable data, and a real working knowledge of the basic nuts and bolts of print and electronic media.  Market reseach is absolutely necessary to any well-developed media plan.  
Our agency agreements generally fall in two categories.  Our "standard agency agreement" handles our clients' complete public relations and advertising needs.  While this constitutes our most effective efforts on our clients' behalf, we also offer a "limited service agreement," which allows us to provide specific services for individuals, businesses and/or other agencies wishing to subcontract certain services.  Below are some of the services we provide.
Good copy in a commercial announcement is like adding "octane" to your fuel.  More than just creativity, a good copywriter must have a sense of "audio salesmanship".  When you purchase air time, you purchase 30 or 60 seconds of "dead air".  Our copywriters are skilled at transforming dead air into a prime selling opportunity for our clients.  


Being creative is fine, but knowing how to create inside of limits and boundaries dictated by media technology and budget constraints is a skill developed with years of experience. Conceiving a colorful scenario does not equal good advertising. To conceptualize a powerful advertisement is an art, and we are blessed with some talented artists on our team.

Editing and Publishing:

Editing is closely akin to copywriting.  However, additional skills are required in sorting and assemilating information, creating a readable or listenable story or report.  Our agency has edited more than one national newsletter and enormous amounts of articles and/or teaching/training presentations.  We are fortunate to have the skills of an accomplished publisher on staff. Her experience on in-depth reporting, publishing and layout for resumes, proposals, newletters, etc., has distinguished her among her peers and won awards.

Public Relations/Image Counseling:

Often our clients are too close to the forest.  We can and often do provide them with a fresh perspective on their public image. Whether it be market positioning, campaign media, or crisis management, our skilled professionals are willing and able to suggest a winning action or reaction to our client's given situation.

Media Placement:

Simply put, A-Team Public Relations & Advertising has a history of making our client's dollars go further. Reporting services, along with constant monitoring of unreported mediums, makes our placement effectively aimed at your target market. We bring efficiency and experience to the table. 

Film/Video Production:

The touch of quality that our agency gives to its in-house produced media is unmistakable.  We take great pride in being one of the best!  "From the location shoot" to the studio and through the "final edit" A-Team Public Relations & Advertising can produce our special brand of "polish" exclusively for our clients. 

Special Events Promotion:

Principals in our agency have been involved in concert promotion since the 1970s.  Decades of experience working with media have allowed us access to proven ideas for public event promotion. Our clients often rely on us to handle a number of indoor and outdoor celebrations. 

Radio, Television, Podcast Syndication:

The digital revolution has opened up media outlets worldwide, and we believe the future is bright through mediums such as podcasting.  Accessing not hundreds or thousands, but millions of people with information and most importantly our client's specific messages.  We have a history of syndication.  We know the ropes from conceptualization, to production, to designing a successful message for potential broadcast affiliates, as well as distribution. These services can all be managed through our agency. From podcasting to commercial broadcasting, A-Team PR is continually searching for new products that would be a good fit for our growing network of affiliate broadcasters. 


Good jingles are hard to find.  Good jingle producers are harder to find.  We work with some of the best. Our agency is capable of turning out "original and hot" jingle projects. 

Campaign Media Strategy: 

In the early years of our agency experience, we were blessed with strong political ties, which allowed us to learn quickly the ins and outs of campaign media production and placement.  A good track record and a battery of campaign media experience makes us a dependable choice for political campaign media development. 

Our mission is "To Share Value".