Kidd Manning:  Veteran broadcaster, music / entertainment specialist, providing polished vocals for a wide range of corporate presentations and professional radio and television announcements.  Market exclusives available upon request.  
There is a concept known as "theatre of the mind".  The audio of a commercial announcement or presentation plays a vital role.  Some spots are just about relaying information, while others sell through humor or can actually create an epic drama in as little as 30 or 60 seconds.  Sometimes you just need a clear sounding voice.  Sometimes you need a character voice.  Or perhaps a unique style of presentation is the order of the day.  The following might be just what you are looking for ....
Michael Shawn:  Hosting a worldwide podcast from our studios at A-Team PR, "Michael Shawn" is available for regional exclusives as corporate spokesman and vocal talent with a wide variety of presentation styles.  
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