FYI ... All of the voices including the group vocals are my own. Digital multi-tracking is really fun.
Broadcast radio and syndication have been good to me off and on through the years.  I am a full-time, non-union, voice over professional, and normally work 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. CST, so that I am able to deliver your recordings in a reliable fashion.  Additionally, I own a digital recording studio, allowing me to produce quick turn-around projects.
Some of my favorite people are good Directors and/or clients that are capable of directing my focus to exactly what they are looking for.  I would be glad to record a custom demo, so you can hear that I would be the right fit for your project.  Let me know if I may be of service.  
All the best, 


Michael Shawn

P. S.: Book narration and everything else from eLearning to documentaries represents a significant new wave of net based information. My purpose in this arena is to bring an engaging presence to the emerging industry of Audio Books.
If you are interested in my podcast work, you can check out my current podcast gig. My work with, Free Range Texan or is non-exclusive.
Lubbock, Texas